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Oopa Baby Instructions

There are a variety of different sling positions you can practice with your baby. The following pictures demonstrate three popular positions: the Hip Carry, the Cradle Carry, and the Kangaroo Carry. (The baby featured in these photographs is seven months old). Before you place baby in your Oopa Baby sling for the first time, you may want to practice with a doll, to get used to the feeling of the sling on your body. You can also practice with your baby on top of a bed or other soft surface, or try your sling on in front of a mirror, so that you feel confident and can see exactly what you are doing!

STEP 1 Hold your Oopa Baby sling out in front of you, and confirm that it is properly threaded and prepared. Tail should be hanging down in front, and material inside the rings should be spread out flat. All material should lie smooth and flat, avoiding any twisting or bunching. The material should be threaded through the rings as you would thread a ring belt, under both rings, then “over again way” in the middle, covering only one ring. The key to adjusting unpadded ring slings is to spread the fabric evenly inside the rings. When the fabric folds over on itself, it can be difficult to adjust. 
STEP 2 Place the sling over your head as if it were a sash. Rings should rest on your opposite shoulder of preference - lefties rest rings on right shoulder, righties on their left shoulder. (The woman in this picture is left-handed). Pull any slack fabric around your back, making the sling material as smooth as possible to ensure that your baby’s weight is properly distributed.
STEP 3 Before putting baby into your sling, adjust the main body of the sling so that it feels comfortable. Create a “wall” of fabric against your body; to ensure there is not way that baby can slip out, make a pouch or bucket out of the fabric in front of you, into which you will place your baby. Keep rings at the level at which you would place a corsage on your shoulder.

OOPA BABY TIP: We find that the tighter your baby is to your body, the better his weight distribution will be across your back and the less strain you will feel in general.

STEP 4  Place baby in the “burp position” over the opposite shoulder from where the sling rings are resting, and place his legs through the pouch of fabric you have made in your sling. Wrap fabric tightly around his bottom (fabric should go from baby’s neck to baby’s knees). 
STEP 5 Adjust baby on your hip, ensuring there is plenty of fabric under his bottom and riding up his legs. The higher his legs are on your waist, the better “fit” you will have. Try and seat baby as “deep” as you can in the sling pouch, pulling any excess fabric up around his shoulders and arms (if he’ll let you!)
STEP 6 Once you and baby are comfortable in the sling, pull the slack out of the top and bottom rails, securing the sling to hold baby in. Tighten the outside/top rail by pulling sideways, not down. By pulling sideways, the edge of the fabric will stay more isolated in the sling rings, making it easier to adjust.
STEP 7 Finally, make sure the fabric is spread evenly and lays flat across your back. Oopa Baby slings have a pleated shoulder, helping to easily distribute your baby’s weight across your back and shoulder and providing maxium adjustability.

To face baby out so that he can see the world, prepare sling in the same way you would for the Hip Carry, createing a pouch, with a wall of fabric against your body (see steps 1-3 of the Hip Carry). Hold baby against you, facing out, and cross his legs in front (“Indian style”). Place baby into the pouch you have created in front of you.

This position is ideal for newborns as well as any time baby nurses. Your Oopa Baby sling tail provides discreet coverage while nursing in public, as well as peace and quiet for your sleeping baby.
Place baby in sling while sitting down, with baby resting on your lap. Baby should be lying down, in nursing position.

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