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Babywearing Tips


YES! Wearing Your Child Correctly & Safely:

© Copyright 2010 Baby K’tan, LLC. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.

• Chin off chest - you should be able to place two fingers between your child's chin & chest
• Visible - Child’s face should be in view at all times. Child’s face should never be pressed in against wearer’s body or into fabric of sling
• Kissable - Child should be high on the wearers body - "close enough to kiss" top of child's head
• Proper positioning - Place child in semi-reclined or upright position rather than horizontal position
• Attend to and check baby often - Use extra caution when wearing a child under 4 months old

NO! Avoid these improper positionings:

© Copyright 2010 Baby K’tan, LLC. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.

• Baby’s chin should not touch chest
• Baby’s face should not be pressed tight against wearer
• Baby’s face should not be completely covered Baby should not be too low



These safety warnings are a compilation of the warnings found on the websites of the products that we carry.
Carriers are not a substitute for responsible parenting and common sense! Pay attention to your baby at all times.
A Carrier will not prevent little hands from reaching out and investigating or little bodies from wriggling free of any sling position.

1. Carriers, Wraps & Slings (“Carrier”) are NOT a car seat or a bicycle seat. Never wear your child in the Carrier while traveling in a motorized vehicle of any type or riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, swimming, skiing or engaging in any similar activity. In the event of an accident or fall, your child would have no restraint and could be seriously injured or killed.
2. Carriers are NOT to be used for a child weighing less than 8 pounds or more than 35 pounds for the Baby K’tan and Oopa Baby Sling, and 45 pounds for the Sleepy Wrap. Use extra caution when wearing a baby under 4 months old.
3. While wearing your child in a Carrier, ALWAYS make sure that there is enough room around your child’s nose and mouth to provide a clear source of air. CHECK OFTEN to ensure that the fabric does not cover your child’s face, that the position of your body does not restrict your child’s airflow, and that your child’s chin is not pressed down into his/her chest thereby restricting airflow. While nursing please ensure that there is adequate space between yourself and your child’s airways.
4. Until your child has sufficient head and neck control, ONLY the “kangaroo” and “hug” positions may be used; Do NOT carry child in any of the other carrying positions - “explore”, “adventure”, “hip” or “two-hip” - until your child can hold his/her head upright unassisted. For the Sleepy Wrap: in all of the positions, the “Classic Love your Baby Hold” and the “Newborn Holds”, make sure that your child is securely inside and that your child’s body (your child’s back, bottom, and the back of the knees) is supported by the “x” formed by the two shoulder pieces of fabric. When your child falls asleep his head should be tucked under the fabric for head and neck support.
5. The “hip” position of a Carrier should NOT be used before your child is able to sit up unassisted. When you are wearing your child in the “hip” position, keep one arm encircling your child’s back at all times for support and balance.
6. Before every use, make sure that the fabric and seams of the Carrier is in good condition. If there are worn areas of fabric, rips, loose seams or other visible signs of damage or deterioration to the Carrier, DISCONTINUE use of the Carrier.
7. While wearing your child in a Carrier, CHECK OFTEN to make sure that your child is not too hot, the fabric fits snugly but not too tight, and that your child is positioned at or close to your chest, and is secure in the Carrier. If the Carrier does not fit snugly over you and your child or feels too tight, readjust carrier or DISCONTINUE use of the Carrier; If you are utilizing a Baby K’tan, you may need a different size.
8. Carriers are designed for use by adults when walking or sitting only. Carriers are NOT to be used while participating in strenuous activity or sports. NEVER lie down with your child in a Carrier.
9. If you bend or stoop down while wearing your child in a Carrier, do NOT bend at the waist; ALWAYS bend at the knees and make sure your child stays secure in the Carrier. Support your baby with your arms when leaning or bending.
10. Do NOT leave your child in a Carrier after you have removed the Carrier. Do NOT put your child in a crib, play area or otherwise leave him/her unattended while still in the Carrier. A child could strangle or suffocate in the fabric if left unattended.
11. When wearing your child in a Carrier move carefully around doorways, sharp edges, hot objects and anything else that could potentially injure your child. Do NOT drink hot beverages or cook while wearing your child in a Carrier. The Carriers we represent are Organic and Natural therefore they do not have flame-retardant features.
12. Carriers should NOT be worn by persons who are experiencing or are prone to back problems.
13. Neither Milk Mommy Milk, LLC, nor its affiliates, distributors, wholesalers or retailers are responsible for accidents or injuries that occur from improper use of any Carriers or use that is not recommended by Milk Mommy Milk, LLC or as a result of any subsequent alteration or modification to any Carrier.
14. Read the instructions in this Owner’s Manual carefully BEFORE placing your child in any Carrier and always wear the Carrier properly to minimize the possibility of injury to you or your child. Should you have any questions or concerns as to proper use any Carrier we sell, contact us 1-754-367-5833 or before using any Baby Carrier.
15. Always make sure that your child is well supported and properly situated inside the Carrier before you remove your hands from him/her. If you are not sure, practice first with a doll or stand in front of a mirror, to ensure that you are correctly placing and adjusting your Carrier. Put your arm around your child when you feel it is necessary for added security. Always support your child while adjusting the fit. Don’t let go of your child until the baby carrier is properly wrapped and adjusted.
16. The Sleepy Wrap™ product is essentially a long piece of fabric void of buckles, snaps, buttons, or any other attachments that could break or come undone. Sleepy Wrap’s biggest safety concern is presented when the product is not tied tight enough or is misused. The ‘x’ that is formed when the two shoulder pieces are crossed in front of your body should cling tightly against your chest. If the fabric is hanging and not clinging, it is not tied tight enough. This is where your child will sit.
17. If you are wearing your child while preparing food, shopping, sweeping the floor or for any other everyday activities, please pay attention to things that your child could reach out and touch. Be aware of objects that are hot or sharp or any other things around you that could fall or pose a threat to your baby.
18. If your child is moving around a lot in the Carrier or stretching his/her legs out straight like a board please support him/her and take him/her out of the wrap. The suggested age and weight of your child for the different carriers and holds listed is only a guide. Please take into consideration your child’s own physical growth and developmental stage.

For more information about the Baby K’tan® Baby Carrier, the Sleep Wrap™, The Oopa Baby® Sling or our other natural simple and stylish products we offer, check out our website or call us at Toll Free 855-MILKMOM (645-5666)

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