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About Us

We are happy to announce a new phase in our company's life. We have a new focus, and therefore and new name. We are proud to present Mothering Apparel. 

Mothering Apparel is an online retail store. We are producing our first apparel line for women to wear from maternity to breastfeeding and beyond. These apparel lines, which we call "awareness apparel", will differ from those currently on the market as they will focus on bringing awareness to maternity issues and challenges throughout the world.

Mothering Apparel will continue to empower mothers with style… and will add a savvy social message benefiting an important cause. The apparel lines are stylish, functional, discreet, and comfortable, and are made from organic materials, harvested responsibly, manufactured responsibly and produced in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way we could find. 

The first line being produced is in partnership with Kupona Foundation and is called Kupona Line.  Kupona means "to heal", and their primary goal is to ensure a safe delivery for every woman and child in Tanzania, one of the most dangerous countries in the world to give birth. Kupona works directly with CCBRT, Tanzania’s largest provider of disability and rehabilitative services. Kupona and CCBRT’s mission is to prevent disability and maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity and to provide equitable access to affordable, quality medical and rehabilitative services. (Source: 

Mothering Apparel's Kupona Line is contributing funds and public awareness to the Kupona Foundation and the work that they do. Five percent (5%) of the proceeds of our Kupona Line sales, during the line's entire lifespan, will be donated to Kupona Foundation. We will also be offering various incentives throughout the debut and life of the line during specific times, such as donating a Kanga to a needy Tanzanian mother or mother-to-be whenever a Kupona Line shirt is purchased. 

The Line itself is also a statement. There are three breastfeeding openings to choose from when nursing. In public, one can pull down the inner tank, or pull up the tank from the empire waist opening, leaving very little exposure. At home, the shoulders can snap away, so the front of the top can come down, creating a skin-to-skin option which, studies have shown, helps create strong bonds between parent and baby. The top comes with 2 matching scarves, which can be attached to the shirt shoulder and act as a cover for more discretion while in public. One can also wear the scarf in a variety of ways, such as infinity scarf, slip knot, double loop, and the classic simple tie, to give a fresh look to the whole attire. And since the fabric is very soft and absorbent, the scarf can even be used as a baby burp cloth or a handy baby blanket. You will have fun creating new looks with one basic nursing top.

Join us and help us as we Empower Mothers in Style globally!

More about us...

We are Ana and Katy, two moms with a thirst for knowledge and an itch to give back. We relentlessly read and research conventional and unconventional ways to parent and are eager to share our findings with you.

Ana is a stay-at-home mom. She lives in Jamaica with her husband, her son Sebastian and daughter Michaela. Ana and her family have been living in Jamaica for over 4 years, and they feel right at home! The children take full advantage of their island lifestyle. They both sport a permanent tan, and their shoes are always full of sand.  It's been great for Ana to work on this website so she can stay home with her children and keep ties with her beloved Miami.

Katy is the over-achiever of the two. She has a gorgeous little boy named Evan. He is full of energy and is always interested in exploring and learning new things, hence the nickname “Indiana Evan.” Katy has a trillion different passions she dedicates herself to, but always has time for Evan, her hubby, and Milk Mommy Milk. Every day she discloses a new aptitude, which is an amazing thing!

At Milk Mommy Milk we are very committed to do our best to live an organic and “green” lifestyle. We eat and wear organic whenever possible and try to encourage those around us to do the same. We attempt to make environmentally responsible decisions whenever possible. Organic is good for our bodies and “green” is good for the Earth. We will continue to strive to preserve both our bodies and our planet.

Milk Mommy Milk has handpicked a wonderful selection of organic nursing wear, slings and baby clothes to share with other loving caregivers. We have also selected many ways to be socially responsible and environmentally friendly in the packing supplies and in our business practices.

Milk Mommy Milk was formed late 2009, when Ana and Katy met each other at a Mother’s Circle. Sebastian was three months old, and baby Evan was only eleven days old! Ana was wearing a Milker nursing top which was given to her by her mother-in-law and Katy loved it so much, she suggested we share them with other moms. This began the friendship and partnership which is now called Milk Mommy Milk.

MISSION: Our Mission is to help mothers feel more empowered, confident, and lovingly connected with their children.

VISION: Our vision is to create a space where mothers feel supported and welcomed into motherhood; a space where their voices are heard, their needs fulfilled, and their instincts validated.

VALUE STATEMENT: As co-founders of the company Milk Mommy Milk, we value honesty and integrity. We demonstrate these values by the way we conduct business with our customers and partners and also within the ownership circle of Milk Mommy Milk.

It is of utmost importance to us to respect and help protect our planet, both environmentally and socially. We are committed to offering only organic and natural products to our customers. Also, in one way or another, our business associates share our own values.

We believe in empowering women in the joys of motherhood and we accomplish this by lovingly dedicating ourselves to this mission. As we embrace each customer, we hope to always leave a positive mark on our community.

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